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Sathya Sai Center of Washington, D.C.
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"The Organizations named after Me are not to be used for publicizing My Name or for creating a new cult around My worship.  They must try to spread interest in prayer, meditation and other spiritual practices which lead man Godward. They must demonstrate the joy that can be derived from singing and remembering the Lord's name, the peace that one can draw from good company. They must render services to the helpless, the sick, the distressed, the illiterate and the needy. The service must seek no reward." - Sai Baba

There are no meetings in person until further notice due to Covid19

To know of virtual events please email

Meetings and Service Activities are Free and Open to All

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Sathya Sai Center of Washington, D.C.

Center Meetings held at the: 
Shanti Yoga Center for Harmony
4217 East West Highway (Lower Right Level)
Bethesda, MD. 20814

Close to Bethesda Metro Station on the Red Line
Phone: 434.806.9952
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Love All, Serve All....Help Ever, Hurt Never